Scam Type

Phishing Scam

Business Name Used

Acting as Amazon Homeinventivehq

Date Reported

Aug 22, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

It was addressed under Amazon wanting me to fill out a survey. I filled it out and they offered me a gift. Choices of a gift and I was to pay a minimal amount of money to receive that gift I gave them my debit card so I can pay the $4 charge they were going to give me although they charged me $69.97 on my debit card and that was in July then in August they took out another 5945. I have to change my debit card at my bank so these people can no longer take any money out but when I called them they said that I didn’t read the terms and conditions and I would have known they were going to take all this out this is a scam. Nobody reads those terms and conditions and they Bank on that.