Other September 14, 2023

Scam Type

Other Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

September 14, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 3842

Scam Description

Job was to buy Amazon products sold by merchants then put them back onto the shelf, to make it look like people were buying up the product, then making a big profit . During these buying tasks my money had to be injected to be able to purchase higher priced items. When time came to withdraw my funds I made, I was told for $3000 pay I had to pay over $800 in taxes for all money I had made in my store account ($5100 total) even though I was trying to withdraw only $3000. I was told pay your taxes and you’ll have your funds (in crypto) in 5 minutes, I didn’t know it was crypto. If I didn’t pay my taxes by a certain time my funds would be frozen and eventually given to charities through legal means. They would keep all funds including taxes. I was told I had to download a coinbase wallet before funds could be transfered (then I’d get my funds in 5 min again) then I was told I would have to pay $300 in order to activate my personal account before I could see the value of my funds. Coinbase. Com and coinbase wallet helped me told me to attempt the transfer of my funds to coinbase.com. they never were received. Upon investigation by both coinbase, come to find out my tokens my employer sent me were fake and the USDT was also fake. My money was lost. Upon texting my employer she continually wanted me to pay the $300 to the wallet to activate my account. Both coinbase support said no it’s not necessary. My employer still sticking to her statement to send $300. I asked for my taxes back for money I never received they won’t give it back, them I asked for the remainder of the money I made ($2100) since I paid taxes on that portion also, but they will only send to coinbase wallet even though some of the money transfers from both of us was cash app. They will not send my pay to cash app or PayPal and they won’t give me any of my money back.i lost a lot of money

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