Other Scam May 26, 2022

Scam Type

Other Scam

Business Name Used

Royal Printing

Date Reported

May 26, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I got my fingerprints done on 5/16/2022 for my FL mortgage loan originator license. The provider stated I did not provide my social security number, and I have proof with the document that was printed at his office that I offered it and typed it in. I called ROYAL PRINTING because there was an issue with my fingerprints and the process. I called the FL Financial Specialist Division of Consumer Finance and dealt with ******* ***** & ****** ***** to see the status, and they stated I didn’t provide it. I did provide it and was overcharged on this by Royal Printing. I also noticed that my cryptocurrency was also compromised on 5/21/2022 during the same week. I called to express my frustration and the merchant was very rude, and I did not give out any information that week besides going into his place of business. I left a review on google, and I think he blocked me from replying to his message because he’s tech-savvy. I did not even mention to him about my crypto being compromised, but he is the only person I gave any personal information to within that time frame. Just the way his business was ran, how he treated me, and lied about the process I cant seem like it was anyone else. The merchant could barely speak English that I could understand, and I even told him I would leave a review if my issue wasn’t resolved, and he said I don’t care. Do what you want, and then he lied in his response to my review. His office should not be considered an office due to so many regulations being broken exceptionally especially the SAFE GUARDS RULE he has personal information and documents laying around. Please look into his office and visit him so you can see a visual for yourself. He told me his server blocks the social security number from showing, and on the review, he’s saying I didn’t provide it. His story is inconsistent and I have proof of everything from emails, to documents, to reviews, calls. I paid $120 for my fingerprints to be done and they weren’t.