Other August 25, 2023

Scam Type

Other Scam

Business Name Used

Tech Scam

Date Reported

August 25, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 105

Scam Description

On or about June 16, 2023 I came across a site called artiphoria.ai which purported to be an AI image generation system. We were in researching AI image generation systems to generate marketing and ad imagery. The site purported to have a free 7-day trial period however, it did require a credit card to activate. We tried one generated image on their system immediately after setting up an account. The results were terrible. I immediately went to my account settings and canceled the account. We used it for probably no more than 10 minutes before I cancelled. 10 minutes out of a FREE 7-day trial period.
After canceling the account I was later charged $7 on Jun 16th. Then charged $49 on June 24th. I was also charged $49.00 on July 24th. So I was charged $105 for software I used for 10 minutes in a 7-day trial period and AFTER I had canceled the account.
There are also also numerous reviews on many scam reporting web sites of people who were also charged for the scam software AFTER they canceled their accounts.