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Other Scam

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2023-04-07 00:00:00

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I have 3 files but it’s only allowing one file to be uploaded.
the 1st one:
Hello I’m Quentin Robinson , I want to know if you are a Family Reunion Photographer and do you accept credit card and Direct Deposit as form of payment ?
My message back:
Hello Quentin, thank you for reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I do not specialize in reunions. I have taken a few family type reunions and family photos at weddings. My website is set up to take credit card payments, but I do not have direct deposits in the form of checks like a paystub. You would just pay the invoices on-line through credit cards.
Great hearing from you, My family reunion will be taking place at my mom home that i just bought for her here in the city on the 15th of this month 1pm-8pm. Expected guest is between 90- 120 people. Do you have availability on the date and be able to take Posed and Candid shot’s , Kindly let me have your full name, office address and the full total cost estimate for your 7 hours service plus tax fee if you’re available on the date.
My message back:
I emailed the quote to you. Have a great night. I have a client early in the morning & afternoon. I will get back to you later in the afternoon if you’re set on the info sent to you 🙂
Okay sounds good. I’m okay with the estimated cost and ready to proceed with the payment right away so that i can be rest assured that i have secure your payment to keep the date but i need you to do me a little favor before we proceed
My message back:
? favor
Thanks for asking about the favor is regarding to the event planner he hasn’t been balanced because he doesn’t have any means to receive payment via credit card but bank cash deposit and i’m hospitalized right now so i’ll mail you my credit card to process for the total sum of $7,000 plus $100 for tips that include charges % fee so once the funds clears into your account you will remove $1,050 for your payment plus $100 tip and you’ll need to send the rest $5,800 in means of cash deposit to the event planner banking info.Please get back to me if you’re willing to do this favor for me okay.
My message back:
Hello Quentin, that’s money laundering, and I can’t do that. Asking someone to do something illegal isn’t a favor. Scamming small businesses isn’t a Real job, it’s a cowardly and spiteful thing to do. I have no other further use of you then to report you. Please do not email back or respond back to me.