Scam Type

Other Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-03 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

they are calling ,tormenting my 80 year old mother,shes trying to change her phone land line phone number and her cable out of spectrums service to a company called lively. they have her so upset shes having to take extra heart medicine. she gives them the account number on her account, and they call her back later and tell her that its not the correct number, she is reading it off her bill, its the right number, this has benn going on for more than a week . it should only take 3to5 days, they cant even get it started. lively says they wont release it spectrum said its not the right account number.shes been on the phone with them all day, she was still getting calls and upset at 9:15pm when i last spoke to her. Thats just not right, theese people should be ashamed

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