Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Pavilion Westie Scotish Terrier Home

Date Reported

Sep 07, 2022

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Scam Description

I was searching for a Scottish Terrier or similar breed and found Pavilion Westie Scotish Home with adorable Scottish and Westies for sale. Asked for Westies through the link and had a response with information about the breed and some questions that seemed as pre-requisites to make sure that I was a responsible person to take care of the puppy. I called the breeder (757-350-4612) instead of replying, to answer all the questions. I sent then by email my interest on purchasing the puppy, to which the breeder replied with information on how to make the payment (Zelle, Apple Pay, Walmart, and CVS) and asking for my full name, address, closest airport, and phone #.
Paid for a westie (last Monday, August 29, 2022) via Zelle to TedTurner402@gmail.com, under the name of Tori Hampton and the price included shipping ($800 = $650 puppy + $150 shipping) and sent the screen shot of the transaction (evidence) as requested by the breeder. Received an email acknowledging that they received the payment and that I will be receiving a call from the shipper to proceed with the delivery of the puppy, which I did received from Precious Tails Transportation Ltd (572-208-4136) and some emails that I had to acknowledge as received. Then I received another email from Precious Tails Transportation Ltd indicating that I had to pay for a temperate regulated crate ($950), that they would reimburse 95% of the money once the puppy was delivered. I said NO, as that wasn’t considered on the negotiation and that I will talk to the breeder and let him know that I will pick-up the puppy myself. I called the breeder, who didn’t answer, then sent him an email telling him that I changed the plan and will pick-up the puppy myself instead of shipping process and sent him a copy of the email from the shipper. Did not received any response.
Monday, September 9, 2022 I called the breeder and asked him if the address was the same as he sent in one of the emails as I requested before, and he said that yes, but that I had to pay for the puppy (seems that he thought I was a new client). When I answered that I already paid for the puppy last Monday, he changed the tone of voice and asked me to send the evidence again by text and hanged up the phone abruptly. I sent him the evidence again both by text and by email asking to please confirm the address for pickup “if this was a serious negotiation”. I’m waiting for the “Breeder” to confirm the address to go and pick-up the puppy.