Online Purchase September 07, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

September 07, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 400

Scam Description

I was on the Hertz,com website and had started making an online reservation. Was having little bit of an issue so I found a phone number for Hertz, called it and agent answered phone to give assistance. They asked for my customer number, what member status I held with Hertz, I advised Gold member. The lady named Valerie said we have some great promotions going but you have to use a prepaid card to get this awesome discount. Will save you a lot of money. Sounded good and legit as I wanted to rent the car for a month. She advised I could get the car for $200.00 per week, so I would need to get a prepaid card such as a GO2 bank card, Walmart Money Card. After I get it call her back and she would complete the reservation. She even gave me her extension so I wouldn’t have a problem getting back to her. She advised me not to activate the prepaid card until after I give her the information. I returned call to her, she asked me to peel the sticker off the front of the card, give her the numbers, exp.date and cvv from back of card. She then stated she was going to complete the reservation, and will send me the info via my rmail in about 30 minutes. I never received it so I called back and her Manager, Chris with an awful accent, answered the phone. He advised they were having system issues and couldn’t process the reservation. it was a problem with the prepaid. He then told me to get another prepaid, this time an American Express prepaid. I told him he better not be scamming me, he promised everything was legit and he would refund the first card. Money would be available in a couple hours. That is when the “you have been scammed” light came on, I talked about them and told them about their scam of which he denied. I tried calling back many times after that, went to busy and they never answered again.

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