Online Purchase Scam May 13, 2022

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Boston Terriers Breeder

Date Reported

May 13, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was searching to adopt a Boston terrier puppy and found the website. I emailed this person asking if a couple puppies were still available. He emailed back shortly after saying yes both were available and sent 8-10 pictures of each puppy as well as general info about the puppy (age, location, demeanor). He informed me about their adoption policies and asked me for a little info about my life / kind of home the puppy would be adopted into. He explained that the puppies were slightly cheaper than usual because they were expecting another litter soon and wanted to find homes for these ones since they were already 11 weeks old. I was wary and asked if someone could call me because I had some more questions. Within 10 minutes I received a call from Emmanuel saying he’d be happy to answer my questions. I asked random things like what sort of food the dogs are being red, what airlines they use for transport, how transport works if they were trained at all. He had answers for all without any delay. I asked if the whole amount had to be paid upfront and he said no a deposit of $450 per puppy and the rest would be expected once we picked up the puppies at the airport. I felt better having talked to someone and it being explained so confidently. He sent over a contract for us to review and sign. The contract went over deposit, total due, how the transaction works, that we were expected to have the dogs examined by a vet within 7 days to be checked out otherwise it would void the one year genetic health condition warranty. It also stated that if we could not care for the dogs we have to contact the seller first and that they do not want their dogs in shelters, homeless or abused. It also stated that we had a money back guarantee minus 10% for loss of sale opportunity for the breeder. We paid the deposit using Zelle and Emmanuel said he was getting the paperwork in order for the airport and would send us shipping confirmation and tracking the next morning by 8 when the dogs are dropped off. The next morning I got the shipping confirmation and a link to a shady website. I also got a second email from this supposed shipping company saying the crate the dogs were brought in is not airline approved and I need to rent a crate from them for $30 plus a $1470 fully refundable safety charge paid for using Zelle that I would get back in cash when the dogs are delivered. I told the breeder I wasn’t comfortable with this and he reassured me that they have used the company before with no problems and promised me I would have my puppies tonight. I said I was still uncomfortable with it and asked if he would pay the crate rental and I would reimburse him once we got the dogs. He said yes but he didn’t have the $1500 for the deposit and asked if I would send the remainder of the balance for the dogs and he would cover. I said I was still not comfortable and asked if we could drive to pick the dogs up. He responded that we can absolutely pick them up. I asked for an address and haven’t heard back since. I emailed again saying that unfortunately I had to pull out of the deal and asked for my deposit back minus the 10% and haven’t heard back since. I’ve tried calling, text messaging and emailing.