Online Purchase Scam May 01, 2022

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Daily’S Sale

Date Reported

May 01, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

i ordered some lawn equipment from this website on april 24, 2021. i paid via PayPal expecting this would help enaure safe shopping. once i completed the purchase process my PayPal was immediately charged for the amount, which is not unusual of course. the paypal confirmation listed the name provided (where i paid the funds to) as Irene ****** with an email of *************************** (not the company i ordered from). this was immediately startling and i knew this could not be right. i then immediately filed a dispute with PayPal. the following day (25th) i received an email from the “company” i ordered from providing a chinese tracking number (?? tracking number: ***************** or tracking with 17track). when attempting to use the tracking on the site provided it displayed that the tracking number did not exist (at this point i expected this outcome). on April 29th my paypal dispute was closed stating the seller provided a tracking number (the tracking number they provided to paypal was usps ********************** *** ***** **** *** ***** ** *****). it also shows it was successfully delivered. i assume this was a tracking number fenced by online fraud because whatever address the tracking was sent to was not mine as no items were received. while filing the PayPal dispute i did research on the website and found this to be a new website with little activity and high risk for being fraudulent (this was found by simply googling if the website was legitimate which is unfortunately after i already made a purchase). the confirmation emails received from the site was also sent from ************************* (yet another red flag after the purchase was made). i believe this to ve a completely fraudulent website, who will continue to steal from unsavvy shoppers (unfortunately quite like myself). in addition it appears that all items are under $100 so i assume this is also a way for this scammer to fly under aomeones radar due to the dollar amount.