Online Purchase Scam Aug 07, 2022

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

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Date Reported

Aug 07, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

buyer beware of this fake website Anianoshop.com, they claim to sell exercise equipment, on 7/25/22, i was online searching for a rowing machine and i was interested particularly on the concept2 rower and when i searched for it, this website came up as a legit website that sold exercise machine, your typical C2 rower goes for $900-$1,200 but this website offered if for about $410.00 at first i was skeptic about it but because the site kept popping up in my search result as a site that sells the rower i decided to go for it (i guess it was too good to be true). so i decided to purchase the machine on anianoshop.com, the only payment option it gave me was through paypal, that should have been the red flag and it did not mention anything about paying state tax. as soon i made my payment i received a notification about my payment was paid to a blaise françois tchuissi djomatchié, i was confused because i made my payment to anianoshop and not some random person, but i also received a confirmation email from anianoshop saying thank you your order is under review. i immediatly started packing when i saw that weird name, so i contacted anianoshop via email and also call the phone # on their website 909 545 6561, it pretty much a fake number nobody pick up and it goes off after 2 rings. i tried a few time trying to contact them and nothing. i reported the fraud to paypal and requested a refund but even paypal couldnt get in touch with this blaise françois tchuissi djomatchié. the next day i received a fake fedex tracking # saying that the delivery will arrive the next day when i track the # the fake deliver was sent to a total different state. i have file a fraud case with my CC company as well. i wanted to bring this up to light becasue this site appears to be legit and it shows up as a legit site that sells exercise equitment when you search for that type of things. so just beware this website is fake, they will steal your money.