Online Purchase Scam Aug 02, 2022

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Benitha Siberian Kittens Home

Date Reported

Aug 02, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I first began my search for a legitimate Siberian kitten breeder since they are fairly hypoallergenic and would make a suitable house cat for my living situation. I researched a few breeders before finding Benitha Siberian Kittens Home. They have a decent website, were quick and consistent with their responses, and were willing to answer all my questions and send additional photos of the two cats I was interested in. I sat on the decision for a few days before pulling the trigger and eventually decided to adopt one of the kittens. The payment process was to consist of a single transfer of funds on venmo. The seller then claimed they could see the transfer to their account but could not access it. I refused send additional funds. This was soon cleared up and all seemed well again. Then the next morning I received word from the seller that the cat had been dropped off with the transport company to be flown to my state but there was an unforeseeable issue with the type of crate he brought the kitten in and the transport company would be using one of theirs instead. This would require an additional payment but to the transport company directly this time for usage of the crate which would then be refunded to me upon delivery of the kitten. The requested amount was over $1300. I said absolutely not. If the breeder had truly been doing this for several years why were they just now finding out about this? Why was this not discussed beforehand? And why was I responsible for their poor business practice. When I refused to pay the additional amount things rapidly digressed. The seller even tried to call me as the transport company as if I would not recognize it was the same guy. I called him out on it and he quickly ended the call. I demanded a refund to which he replied ‘ok’ and then has said and done nothing since regarding this matter. I did use the purchase protection feature on venmo when making sending the original agreed upon adoption fee and transportation costs totalling $650. Thankfully venmo has been responsive in my action to file a dispute and hopefully my money will be recovered. But there is no guarantee. And this guy is still out there saying people left and right. I’m sure of it.its absolutely deplorable and vile that someone would do this and it makes me feel violated on some level. I spent days talking details with this person and they were consistent and appeared forthcoming right up until that claim that the money was not transferable on venmo and then the request for additional funds. I hope someone finds this and questions every pet adoption possibility that crosses state lines. Do everything you can to see your soon-to-be kitten or puppy in person before forking over any money. And do not, I repeat DO NOT, trust Benitha Siberian Kittens Home nor the supposed transport company called State Pets Transport.

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