Online Purchase October 25, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Online Retailer Scam

Date Reported

October 25, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

MyRebornBabyDolls ( is not what they seem to be! They portray dolls from other places and duplicate them! The dolls that you receive are not like what you originally ordered! The customer service they claim to give is nowhere to be found when it comes to returns and giving you your money back! They even have a post on their site warning about scams, but it seems like they are the scam. I reached out to the seller to complain and ask for a refund and instructions on how to return this cheap looking doll and they offered me a 20 percent discount to keep it. Obviously I said no because I paid $130, so it’s not worth it and now they are not responding to my emails. In order to send it back to China, it will cost me over $50! At my own expense. Even worse, I don’t think the doll is made from silicone like they claimed, which is probably why it was so expensive. This company needs to be shut down as there are so many complaints

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