Online Purchase October 14, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

October 14, 2023

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Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

I inquired about a german shepherd puppy advertised on a website AGAPE RANCH GERMAN SHEPHERD. I received an email from salesshepherds@gmail.com Roland Dunn listing german shepherd puppies they had for sale with pictures and names of the dogs. They asked for information about my home, if I had experience with the dog breed to make sure I was a qualified buyer. I sent him information about myself. On 10/7/23 we agreed to a price of 1290.00 for a german shepherd puppy named KODY, and the dogs shipment to my home address. I tried to send payment through PayPal to trdungg11 @gmail.com, this payment did not go through. Roland Dunn then asked for me to make a payment through PayPal friends and family for 1290.00 to PayPay account Dung Truong which did go through for payment of puppy and shipping.
10/9/23 I was told by Roland Dunn that arrangements for shipping were made with TOGHERHANDSLOGISTICS. 10/9/23 at 3:15 PM I was contacted by email from support@togetherhandslogistics.co with a tracking number of THL040816793210 saying the dog was in their posession being prepared for shipment. 10/9/23 at 3:19 PM I received an email marked URGENT from support@togherhandslogistics.co. that the puppy needed to have a traveling thermal electronic crate, the price for the crate was 995.00. This email said they would rent me the crate for 995.00 and I would be reimbursed upon delivery to my home. I sent this 995.00 crate payment through PayPay to paypal acount in the name of Nong Yen. I was told the puppy would be sent after payment was verified in their account. contact number 575-567-2982.
10/10/23 at 4:08 PM I received an email marked URGENT from support@togherhandslogistic.co saying puppy was being held at second port of entry at Indianapolis airport and I needed to send an additional 2500.00 for insurance allowing the puppy to be released for transport . The insurance payment would be reimbursed when the puppy arrived at my home, by the delivery driver. This driver would have cash in the amount of 3350.00 to pay me at the time of delivery if I sent the additional 2500.00. I did not send additional 2500.00.
10/14/23 I received an email support@togetherhandslogistics.co saying unless I sent addtional 2500.00 for insurance for puppy I would be subject to fines for abandonment and abuse as per US PET CONTROL.
10/14/23 text messages from 505-370-1277 and 575-567-2982 were sent saying I would be subject to 25-30,000.00 fines unless I sent additional 2500.00.
I sent an email on 10/10/23 asking for information on -Insurance policy that I would be paying for – what the name of insurance company was – who or what was the regulation agency requiring this insurance. I was not provided with any backup information only threats I could face up to 5 years in jail and 25-30,000 in fines for animal abandonment.