Online Purchase October 09, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Online Purchase

Date Reported

October 09, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 490

Scam Description

I purchased hair from this company. The hair did not look like the picture on the website. I was not responded to in a timely manner and it wasn’t until I started asking about the return process that the owner finally got back to me on the hair. I was told I’d have to manipulate the hair to make it look like the picture. Per her website if the hair is manipulated or even if the bag is opened in any way, you forfeit your ability to return. I didn’t want to take that chance and the hair still not come out how I wanted so I went another route with my hair. When I messaged her about this originally, I mistyped the hair lengths I ordered (please keep that in mind). But prior to me telling her I was going another route with my hair she was fine with me returning the hair. It wasn’t until I told her I was doing a different style that she started trying to fight me on returning. After going back and forth she finally gave in and allowed me to return the hair as long as I still followed her policy and returned the hair within 5 days of getting it. I returned the hair the following day or the day after. I’ll have to confirm that. I took video of me returning the hair, the condition of the hair and everything. I tracked the package all the way to her because she at first was trying to give me a false return address and when it was typed in by FedEx, the address auto corrected to a similar but different address. I tried to confirm this with her but she still wanted me to send it to the address she typed but even when clicking the address she sent me in my phone, it also auto corrected it to what FedEx was seeing. So I decided to go with what both FedEx and my phone were saying over what she was saying. This made me skeptical so as I stated, I kept a very close eye on the package. When it finally made it, I contacted her, she said she would check when she was back in her office later. That time never came and after reaching out to her again 10 hours later, she somehow ended up out of town. This was on a Friday so she said she wouldn’t be able to confirm if the package was there until she was back. I sent the package to a office building/ studio type thing. As from what I could see with the picture left by FedEx, it didn’t specify if my package was left in a locker or mailbox, so in my head with how my own personal mail room works here at my house, there’s a possibility my $500 package could have just been left out for anyone to grab so I wanted confirmation that it was at least in her companies possession. She then told me she doesn’t work on weekends and that the post office was closed. I didn’t deliver anything to a post office so not sure where that came from but that’s when l started to get even more suspicious. She then stated she wouldn’t be back in town until Tuesday and wouldn’t be able to check until then. She already tried to give me a fake address and indicated the package may not make it to her, then she somehow mysteriously was out of town, and now she’s talking about a post office that has nothing to do with anything. So I told her right then, I’d just dispute with my bank. I’ve now disputed this with my bank 4 times but because shes providing a copy of only a piece of our text where I mistyped the length, she’s now using her policy to her advantage despite having both my product and not returning my money. Her policy states that they only return if the item is incorrect or damaged. However when I originally messaged her saying I wanted to return she said ok, I hadn’t even given her an explanation at that point. I honestly felt bad because when she wasn’t responding to me, it was clear I was becoming annoyed in my text messages, DMs and emails to her. So when she finally got back to me and said I could return it and semi explained why she hadn’t gotten back to me I felt bad and didn’t want to make it seem like I was being a butthole customer so I explained that I was going a different route to make her not feel like it was solely because she wasn’t living up to what her website said. Despite that actually being the reason. Her website stated at that point, she has since removed it, that she has a 24/7 line and being as I’d messaged her at like 7pm one day and didn’t get a response until AFTER I finally said I wanted to return which was like 1pm the following day, me being a nice person figured that would lighten the situation. She then took back the option for me to return and after going back and forth that’s when she said she wasn’t going to argue with me, I could return the item. So that’s how I ended up taking the item to FedEx and it ended up back in her possession. So after disputing all of these times and being denied because she’s only sending a part of the conversation and her policy, I simply asked her for my hair back. She then told me she’s already given me my money back and called me a scammer for wanting my hair back. I have never gotten any money back from her and when I responded to her message with proof that the claim was denied she stopped responding to me. I have the whole text thread, out instagram messages, and our emails which I provided to my bank (chime) yet the claim was denied because of her return policy. I just want either my money back or my product back. I’m out of money and I have no product. I don’t know how that is legal considering she gave me the ok to return the item despite her return policy. She made me return the product to her just to keep everything. I have proof of all of this if that’s is needed, it’s only allowing me to upload one file so I can’t upload all of the interactions but I do have all of that.

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