Online Purchase July 03, 2023

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Online Purchase Scam

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Date Reported

July 03, 2023

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$ 0

Scam Description

A man was seen in the front yard. He said they were doing an asphalt paving job at the neighboring airport & had extra left over. The homeowner was led to believe they were going to pave her driveway for Free! She only wanted a small patch done.
A few moments later, a 10 man crew arrived at the house & immediately started to work with leaf blowers & shoveling out bad spots of the driveway as the boss talked with the homeowner. The “boss”, BILL AKER, was a smiley fast-talker! He told her they would take care of her. He said they would do the Whole driveway! Bill had quick answers for every question except for, “How Much will this cost her?” BILL AKER only said “$55/square yard” and “that would be $5,500 for 100 square yards.” Bill did not measure the driveway; Bill would not give an exact price. Once BILL got her alone, he had her sign a contract that stated IF she did not pay, she would have to pay for court/attorney fees AS WELL AS giving the business the “right” to put a lien on the property/house.
Everything moved VERY quickly. BILL AKER talked fast & moved faster! The homeowner was confused & felt compelled to pay for a crew of 10-12 hardworking men’s labor even though she only wanted a small patch paved. Fortunately, the City Inspector drove by and scared the crew (no permit had been filed). They left in a hurry without pay, but had already “finished” the sub-par work & BILL AKER promised to return 4 hours later for the money.
Her yard was destroyed. Her neighbor’s driveway was gouged. She has asphalt splatters all over her house. They left asphalt chunks in the yard. The layering is thin & lumpy. The edges look like a blind man did them they are so wavy. Before they could return, the police were called and she was advised not to answer his calls and to call 911 if BILL AKER did show up for payment. The next day, family members called the phone # BILL AKER was using to call the homeowner (because the business # on the contract was not in service). BILL AKER refused to give his license # and quickly got belligerent!

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