Online Purchase January 12, 2024

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Online Retailer Scam

Date Reported

January 12, 2024

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 70

Scam Description

I ordered a book from and several days later I received an email confirmation that my order was being shipped. However, the email confirmation listed a completely wrong book and stated the book was successfully shipped on “August 1, 2024” – a date that hasn’t past yet.
I contacted the support email,, and have been met with several roundabout statements. I have been in contact with support, but my money isn’t being returned. I also asked for the correct book to be sent, but it is not being shipped. Each email is unprofessional, and I noticed the FedEx tracking number that was sent to me is from Nioda, India.

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