Online Purchase August 31, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Pet Scam

Date Reported

August 31, 2023

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Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

I ordered a rare pair of Dumbo Halfmoon Betta fish on 7/6/23 for $59.95. https://thailandbettafish.com/products/rare-pair-halfmoon-purple-butterfly-betta-fish-male
This is the link that I ordered from. Also note, this is the exact same listing now (8/31/23) as from when I ordered the pair in July. On this website page it states “A picture was taken from the actual fish”. Also, “Real-life photo. What you see is exactly what you’ll receive”. This turned out to be completely false advertising. I did not receive the female at all, and the male I received looks nothing like the photos and video of the fish that I ended up with. I can send pictures of the male I did receive if you need them to compare to the link. I emailed the seller the day I received the fish and told them about the problem on 8/2/23. They emailed me back on 8/3/23 and said I would be refunded within 3-5 working days. I received nothing. I emailed them again twice on 8/24/23 asking about the refund. They emailed me back on 8/25/23 and said they would look into it. After that I again received no further communication from them or a refund. I was discouraged and tired of the run around from Thailand Betta Fish (I have copies of at least 12 emails back and forth with them for numerous problems including the refund). Today on 8/31/23 I finally filed a dispute with PayPal (original form of pymt) as I could see that Thailand Betta Fish was not going to refund me on their own. PayPal ended up refunding me the $59.95.
This company is a scam that uses deceptive advertising to entice buyers. They send much lower quality fish than the pictures and videos of the “actual fish” and their statement of “what you see is exactly what you’ll receive”. And that is if you even receive your fish at all, as I did not receive a female from my order of a pair.
They intended to not refund me, I’m assuming with the hope that I would just give up about it. This company has no business selling in the United States.