Online Purchase August 25, 2023

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Business Name Used

Suspicious online retailer

Date Reported

August 25, 2023

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Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

I have been searching for certain items online all night and came across several websites that seemed fishy since I had been scammed for a 55″ TV and got a pair of sunglasses so now I am aware. There are 2 others I will report. I began searching for their business details. The address is an apartment residence. It’s listed on Zillow & apartments.com. The phone number is a cell phone out of Colorado. The business email is a Gmail account. I tried emailing from their “Contact Us” page. It wouldn’t go through. I then copied their email address as they had it listed and the email was returned (I also have a gmail account). They have a generic refund/shipping policy with no pertinent contact info in it. They happen to be almost exact to the other 2 I will report as soon as I get all my evidence together because I would never want to harm a company especially if they are just starting up! I do however enjoy taking down the $1+BIL scammers we have creeping all over our country from inside and out! I really wanted some of the things I picked out before I realized this was not normal & my spidey senses went off and I refuse to keep quiet or pretend it isn’t happening! I also refuse to let them scam those who can’t notice and don’t know that they actually make entire websites full of products that they don’t have, aren’t selling, and you won’t get (but you paid for)! So, it’s just a sense that I get and I research, dig, search, and pick apart everything before I accuse! I don’t accuse, I expose. That’s why I need to be sure of the other ones before I report them. What gets me is there are websites that state that they have a low likelihood of being a scam company and we should trust them. They also offer PayPal as a payment choice when you check out, which is deceptive when trying to figure out if a company is legit or not. I think having no contact information, the email is Gmail, & the phone number is an anonymous Colorado cell phone number with no stats on it, & the business address is actually a beachside residence? I think that constitutes a report and an honest deeper look into whether this is a company set up specifically to scam and steal from our neighbors! I hope you feel the same! Nothing I found is secretive, or hard to find! Everything came up immediately in a search and I searched on different engines & websites and in many ways so I don’t collect evidence that isn’t thorough or complete. Not everyone does that but that’s how I expose, not accuse! I was only able to upload 1 item so I just uploaded something from whois.com on the business. I just tried to check out with PayPal because the other website let me, but this one says error processing your order. It won’t let me check out right now. When I lost my money from that TV I bought, their website was only available at certain times of the day, it was strange. This may be the case, but it may not be. I’m not sure but I will stay on it until I figure it out! Will you let me know if it is a scam company so I know if I can completely trust my inner intuition and assured belief that I am not incorrect on this? If not, I understand. I will figure it out 1000% in the next few days although I am positive that my spirit isn’t wrong & I hit the bullseye with this one. I wish it weren’t the case, but I believe it is too good to be true. The $21.18 wicker egg chair is usually hundreds of dollars, not the price of a meal at Paneras! The other site is selling a Gibson guitar for less than $50 when it’s sold out and $2799! You will hear back shortly on that one. Plus, who names their new company selling housewares & electronics “i c u nude?” That’s kind of filthy and the whois.com website tells who owns the website www.icunude.com and they have had that website name since 1999. That’s when the internet started creeping into our homes, so they have owned it for a while and it’s probably some creepy sex site with cam girls and desperate folks looking for love in the wrong place and I doubt they came to the Lord Jesus and turned from the world and the perverted website name and kept it to open a wholesome home goods online store! So…I pray you can find out the truth and put them out of the scammer business!