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Online Purchase Scam

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Date Reported

Nov 01, 2022

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Scam Description

There was a facebook ad for Aljok clothing that is based out of the Carolina’s. I usually check all reviews before ordering from a facebook ad and of course this one I did not. I placed an order October 12 for a dress with a total of 54.98. I received an email that stated order had shipped which gave a tracking number. I kept checking everyday and nothing was generated. I started checking reviews and customers said they would receive their order but, they did not honor return policy and would offer small amount to keep product or ship back to Dubi which the ad said they are out of the Carolina’s. I finally received my order which the dress does not fit. I contacted the customer service email and they offered me 7.00, then 16.00. A business does not negotiate with a customer. They have a return policy on website which they do not honor. I started to investigate and looked up the address on label of my package which comes back to an address of a restaurant named ***** ****** **********. Nothing adds up with this company. I have all supporting documents of my complaint.

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