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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-05-10 00:00:00

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Went to website www.goodhomechihuahuas.com and clicked to buy a puppy. Window came up to enter personal contact info and the site immediately texted me on how to buy the puppy through them using Zelle which I knew nothing about so they texted me to purchase 2 American Express gift cards and send them pics of the front and back of the cards and receipts. I was to give the cards to the pet delivery service they use when the dog was to arrive at my house at 7:00 pm yesterday. I received shipping the tracking info from the pet delivery service via text and email. I received another email from the delivery service yesterday at 4:00 pm saying the dog has arrived in Miami Airport and impounded because I would have to purchase a cite/import permit and rent a different crate for them to pick the dog up at the airport and sent me another Zelle email to send another $850. I replied back I want the Airport contact dealing with the puppy where it is suppose to be impounded and I would drive to Miami from Orlando and pay anything to the airport needed to pick up the puppy. They did not reply and then at 2:00 am this morning the supposed delivery service sent another text that if I did not pay through Zelle within 24 hours the dog would be turned over to a pet adoption and file charges to have me arrested for animal abandonment. I just had the Lake County Sheriff’s office here and filed a complaint for cyber fraud and trying to blackmail me to send them more money. The supposed breeder says it’s all my fault for not sending the delivery service more money and they would not refund any of my money or send me any company contact info or Miami Airport contact info.. I don’t even have proof the animal exists let alone being at Miami Airport awaiting permits, etc. The Sheriff’s deputy said it does not need anything to be picked up in this case. I believe the breeder and shipper are the same people. Both company emails and texts resolve down to email names at aol.com. You can only contact by responding to texts. The breeder site has absolutely no way to contact them except clicking on a link to fill out personal contact info and wait for them to text you. It’s a total scam and ripoff. BBB already has the same complaint in February where they went through exactly the same thing. Only difference was the delivery service was saying the dog was impounded needing them to purchase a $500 pet insurance to finish the delivery of the puppy just hours before it was suppose to be there also. Below is part of what I received from the delivery service demanding more money.
Welcome to City Express Delivery Service
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Text Us – (360) 358-3717
The puppy is now in Miami, Florida, United States and the Pet Authorities are demanding for a CITES/IMPORT PERMIT Document before the puppy can be allow to move from Miami International Airport To Your Address at Fruitland Park, Florida Without the CITES PERMIT document, the puppy can not pass through the State Customs Check Point instead, it will be impounded by the customs agents. You will have to make a CITES PERMIT document before we can proceed with the movement of the puppy to your house address today.The Miami International Airport Custom Department and Pets, The Department of Air USA in collaboration with City Express Delivery Service are the initial contractors for this shipment so we advise you to contact us now. The Cite Permit Document shall cost $150 USD for the Teacup Chihuahua Puppy Lexie and the money that you will deposit for the document shall be 95% refundable back to you today after you receive the puppy at your home. The delivery has been temporarily put On Hold and until you make the payment deposit of $150 USD so we can establish the CITES PERMIT Document, we will not be able to proceed with the movement of the puppies to your house address. If you do not make provision of the money for the establishment of this document, the puppy shall not be allowed to move from Miami International Airport to 1826 Forest Glen Dr Fruitland Park, Fl 34731 rather it will be impounded at the Customs Sector till the payment of the CITES PERMIT document is made. This puppy will not be released and while in the impound loft, you will need to pay $25 Dollars for every night the puppy spends there. So we advise you to get back to us and make the payment so we can proceed and make the CITES PERMIT document.
This is in accordance with our rules and policies taken in 1971 since the existence of this company, which states that we can not take the risk to deliver a live animal without their Cites/Imports Permit Policy covered. If we do this your life will be at stake since the documents of ownership carries your names thus, a case file shall be established against you in court for the charge of ILLEGAL SMUGGLING OF A PET. Therefore you will have to pay for the Refundable imports charges of your puppy before we can proceed with the movement & delivery of the puppy today.
You need a license to act as a legal importer. However, some pets require a license or permit from various government agencies in order to be imported.
NB We strive to offer the best of our services but we just can’t go against company policies just to please you. As soon as you want to make the payment please do get back to us with for CONFIRMATION and DIRECTIONS so that our Financial and Insurance Department can confirm the payment in and will establish the document for your puppy. Remember this fee is 95% refundable to you with the other refunds today. As soon as the payment is made a refunds document shall be send to you to sign as soon as possible because we are left with no time before driving down to your house today.
The Cites Permit will help in the following..
1} It will help your puppy to enter your city without being impounded by the customs department.
2} It will help the Pet Control Team to identify you as the legal owner of the puppy.
We are very sorry about the delay in the delivery of the teacup Chihuahua puppy Lexie to Fruitland Park, Florida, United States. This is due to the fact that the Pet Authorities at Post Check in Miami, Florida United States have REJECTED the crate in which your puppy was a ship in because of the change in weather conditions and present environmental Health condition (outbreak and spread of the Corona Virus across the States) hence, the puppy can not be a delivered without an Electronic Air Conditioned Crate or Special delivery crate or Carrier service that will help to keep the puppy healthy and safe.
Destination at Fruitland Park, United States has been scheduled to depart today at 5:00 pm for delivery at 7:00 pm today, however, the puppy can not be a delivered without an Air Conditioned Crate or a Special Delivery Crate or Carrier Service.
Renting a pet carrier from us will cost you the various crates below which is 95% refundable upon delivery of your puppy today. The refunds will be made same time on arrival of your puppy through Checks, Credit Cards, Cash, whichever option is good for you.
For more information regarding the pet carrier,
For This Mode Of Travel :
Ideally, pet(s) should be less than 20lbs.

o Pets exceeding 20lb can be approved however additional fees apply (please call to have larger pets approved)
o for overweight pets, we will need to provide the pet carrier (fees apply)
• Only soft-sided carriers are permitted and must not exceed 18L x 12H x 12W
PETCOSMAS.T20/T25…………. .. $300.00
PETCOSMAS.T26/T30…………. …$250.00
PETCOSMAS.T31/T37…………. ..$200.00

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