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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-04-28 00:00:00

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Hello my name is ryan and i’m in san francisco, california. While on the website facebook.com going through various information, a advertisement pop-up appeared on the site/screen. The ad was for a samsung 22ultra cell phone. For the cell phone only & not any service thru wireless companies. I thought that sounded terriffic. The cell phone in the advertisement sells for over $1,000. I tried to check out the site further, later after i placed the online order, paid with giftcard visa or mastercard the full amount, $29.99 – waited . Got a confirmation email stating the purchase went thru and the usual 2 – 4 weeks for shipping. About a couple of weeks later is when i started to follow up. Checked the email…..the link to the company is like a christmas site where they seem to only sell wreaths and x-mas stuff. The contact person for problems is mila@peachcher.com. We have been in contact for weeks….i ask where is the item. They produce a tracking # RG013243156CN. When you check the info, something was sent somewhere – like arizona. I’m in california, san francisco. On the side, it clearly showed my information. My address, what i bought. When i email to what the website says is Germany, yes – europe germany at mila@peachcher.com …..i get the response that’ll look into it. I’ve had enough back and forth. I never want to cus them out or make threats. I want the thirty dollars or what i bought……of course 😉
Any help or information that will help is sought. Thank You. ……