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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-24 00:00:00

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We recently lost our beloved 15 year old pug that we have had since he was 8 weeks old and it left a huge hole in our hearts so we were looking to get a new pug puppy to help ease the pain we were experiencing.
I found pugsspot.com with picture of pug puppies that were available for sale so I contacted them via the link on their website inquiring about one of the pictured pug puppies and received an email explaining that the puppy was available for $800 from Carson City Nevada and they would fly the puppy to and deliver him to me for an additional $300, thing seemed to good to be true so I started doing some research and found that they claim to have been selling puppies online like this for over 10 years but the domain was only registered in Feb 2023. This is a scam and works like this, from the start they confirmed that the puppy was going to be delivered to my door and that this $1,100 covered all costs except maybe insurance that the shipping company (Evergreen Express Logistics – www.evergreenexpresslogistics.com) might confirm. Soon after i received a tracking email from the shipping company to validate my address prior to start the shipping process, i confirmed via reply to info@evergreenexpresslogistics.com, after a few hours a received a new email request urgent payment for $1,500 for a refundable insurance policy that was going to be refunded when delivered. I questioned this but they said the puppy can’t travel without this and that I was liable of puppy abandonment if i choose not to pay, so I paid the $1,500. After I while without updates I got another email (next day) confirming the vet cleared the puppy to travel but due to extreme weather conditions I needed to deposit an additional $1,600 for a temperature controlled crate, this time I refused to pay more and they became aggressive about going to the authorities to report me of endangering the puppy , so to by time I told them i need another day to gather the money and started looking the web for scams and found this guys have being doing the same for a while as the puppy I selected have pictures on the web from 2020 and is owned by another person in the UK.
They will keep coming up with reasons that you need to send them more money and you will never see the puppy because they do not have them, it is all a scam.
I did not send them any money because I researched the situation properly, do not fall victim to these scammers.