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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-15 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I was initially contacted by text regarding the inquiry of a dog after I went on their website and selected contact us under the puppy I wanted. They let me know where they were located. Asked if I would prefer shipping or pick up. Stated shipping was $150 and would be completed the next day. Stated they “ship through a pet delivery company who provides a tracking number and the estimated time of arrival of every puppy, they pick up the puppy with their delivery van and a nanny from our house to the airport where they fly the puppy into the closes airport, and finally will drive the puppy from the airport to your doorstep for delivery the next day after purchase” When I asked to see pictures of both the mom and ad they then asked from my email address to send the picture. I asked about health certificates or warranty of health and was told “Comes with vet results, 1 year health guarantee plus breeding rights, but after 1 week or 2 to take her to the closest vet to you. She also comes with some food, and toys but you’ll need to get more food, her food is royal canin” Then they asked for specific information into the “kind of home our puppy will be going to and any other information about yourself” I asked if this was a form to fill out or just text. I proceeded to tell them about our family via text. Their response was “looks like perfect home for her” Then the next text talked about “Payment is done through Zelle, Cash app, Apply Pay or Chime” Then went on to say “We will need to the information below for shipping details: Your full names, full address, closest airport, best email address, best phone number” which I went on to provide. Three days past, then I texted them again asking if there was another payment method, credit card? I was told no. They then provided their Zelle information email: mbendu.mb1109@gmail.com Name: Martins. Total payment $700. I asked them to call me before I sent the money. Spoke with them on the phone. A Spanish speaking person. I made the payment through a friend’s account. I informed them I sent the money and they said “As soon as payment is done, we ill go ahead and register the puppy for delivery and the delivery will contact you with tracking number and the ETA, but probably 2 pm tomorrow you’ll receive the puppy.” Then they had me send screen shots of money sent, “verified” receipt. Then said they were “talking to a number of delivery companies now to pick one whose services are convenient for all of us, just keep an eye on email” Then sent me a tracking number and a delivery company petwavetransport.com. Fast foward to the following morning I received a text stating URGENT check your email. I received an email from the pet transport info@petwavetransport.com stating the crate the dog was in was not adequate and I could “RENT” a crate and be reimbursed. The smallest crate was $800 but I needed to pay upfront. I told them I would like to speak to someone on the phone. They told me my puppy was not going to be on the flight because of inadequate crate. The breeder and the pet transport refused to answer my calls or return my calls when I refused to give any more money.