Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-07 00:00:00

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Scam Description

This scammer posted an advertisement on Offerup to design custome drapes. I contacted her and then she called me. I explained what I was looking for and she asked me to send her pictures of my windows, so I sent them to her. She gave me an estimate and insisted on coming to my house to show me her fabrics and designs. I eventully agreed and she she came with her husband and raised the price and had only five fabric swatches that were thrown into a box. Her designs were the same that she had on her instagram account and none looked like the style that I described to her. The only reason she came to my house was to get money. I took her to another room because I already had the fabric for that room. I asked for an estimate for her labor. She agreed to $2000 for that room. We gave her a deposit of $1000 plus our materials worth $500, then she begged for an additional $500 deposit for materials for when we were ready to begin the living room. We wanted to see her work before giving her two jobs but she was so insistent that we agreed to the additional $500. We have a receipt for those amounts. She did not update or contact me for weeks, I kept asking for an update, finally she said that she was ready to install on March 24, she came with her husband and a random third person who was taking pictures of the inside of my house and made me uncomfortable (I reported thid to the local police), and she had no draps to install. She lied. She was there to ask for another fabric deposit for the other room. She said she would come back on Monday to do the install. At this point, my wife mentioned that we may not do the other room. Her husband was upset and they finally left. I sent her messages on offerup asking to confrirm that she was going to actually do the install on Monday. I also told her that if she didn’t want the work or didn’t do my job, she could refund my money and return my materials. She said her husband wanted to speak to me. He called on Monday, the day they were supposed to install, and told me that he wanted more money for the room if I was not going to do two rooms with them. I told him to do my work and if the work is good I’ll go forward, which is what I originally tolf them. He said he would call me back and he did not. I have not heard from them since March 27.