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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-04 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I wanted to call United Airlines and searched it on my phone. This number came up as if it was American Airlines. The person said the price on line is no longer valid it increased and I need to book it now or it will go up again. I asked him a few times and question him why it is more. He said it just went up. No fees for calling. He knew the flight info and said it he had to book it individually and he would call me back. It was not United Airlines and he did charge me more.

He said he was United Airlines and that the ticket price went up and that is why I could not book on line. He said it would take him 3 hours to get my tickets to me. He sent me an email and had me sign it electronically. He said he is charging no fees but the tickets have gone up and they could go up again if I did not book now. I thought I was calling United Airlines. He had all the flight info up etc. I gave him my name and date of birth, my sisters name and date of birth and my credit card information. I also gave him my address and my email address. I have since blocked my card. He called back. I also emailed him and told him he scammed me and I blocked my card and I reported him. He said he would stop the process. Once I looked more into his website it does say representing all the airlines it is a booking service but he did not identify himself as such and lied about who he was and who he represented. Also the search engine should not give me this number.