Online Purchase

Scam Type

Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-20 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code

S0K 4S2

Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I placed an order for a team Canada hockey jersey on January 2. On January 9, they provided me with a bogus tracking number and email saying my order was shipped. When i emailed back on January 22 to ask who the carrier was so I could track the package, they said it had not yet shipped but would ship within “a week or so.” On February 22, I emailed again as I still was unable to track my package and still had not received the package, they responded saying it was out of stock and that i could expect the package within 2 weeks from the date of their reply which was Feb 26. In the few days of waiting for a reply, I also messaged their facebook page with my order # asking for an update and received a reply on Feb 23 saying the team canada jerseys were backlogged and I would have the jersey within 2 weeks. On March 9, I emailed and facebook messaged them again as i STILL did not have my package. Again, I was told there was a “small delay” and it would be delivered to me within one week. In the mean time, myself as well as others had commented on a team canada jersey ad on their facebook page, that they also had ordered a team canada jersey and had not received it and were having their messages ignored, every single comment like this that was made on facebook was then deleted by the Jersey House.
I never received an address or phone number to communicate with this business.
On March 4th I discovered that the credit card I used for this purchase with Jersey House Inc. was compromised and had multiple charges in Toronto ON, I immediately had to call the bank and cancel my card. While I have no proof that this was related to the Jersey House Inc., based off the fact that for 10 weeks they have been dodging my emails and clearly have no intention of sending me my package it is unnerving that my card I used to pay with them was now being used in their location… I was uncomfortable giving them a new card number for a refund so I went to my bank to dispute the charge with Jersey House Inc.