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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-03-16 00:00:00

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Originally put a deposit down for a dog. Seller set up delivery through this company cargo express. Through email I was requested to pay delivery of $150. I googled the website, found no bad reviews, it was fairly sophisticated with testimonials (obviously I now know to be false) and seemed legit. So I paid the requested $150 delivery fee and received a tracking number which in fact worked and led me to my shipment on again what I perceived to be a legitimate website. Tracking number CL-228772030 website https://cargos-express.com/track.php. Then supposedly she needed a refundable insurance policy of $250 (I work in shipping and actually this does sometimes happen) so I paid as it was indicated was refundable and thought I was working with a reputable company. Next request came as she was in transit that the next check stop agents disagreed with the type of cage she was in and I had to rent a refundable $500 cage. I balked, they sent me a picture of the dog I had purchased in the cage. I reluctantly sent in the supposedly refundable $500 – yes they pulled at my heart strings but who wants to hurt a dog. I was admittedly naive. This will never happen to me again and I hope by reporting these individuals it will never happen to anyone else. Next email received from the company was sent after 7pm at night of the evening she was to be delivered indicating they had again been stopped in Henderson North Carolina by aviation control (this was a road transport) and now needed quarantine and city permit licensing fees paid at a sum of $700 or she would be held for 3 months in quarantine with health and tuition fees of $2,100 a week. This is when I knew for a fact that I had been scammed. They continue to threaten me with animal cruelty and abandonment.
Additional contacts for this company and emails to which I was requested to send payments include:
Markus Smith: phone 470-864-8773
Collins Miles email: collinsmiles049@gmail.com (the original Seller)
Mohammed Doumbouya: email stacknowshinelaterent@gmail.com
Dewayne Hunt: email Dewaynehunt63@gmail.com
All money was paid thru Zelle – again should have been a clue, but sometimes it hurts to know things. I personally know people who run their businesses using zelle as payment so it wasn’t too far fetched of an idea that payment would be requested through this method.

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