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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2023-03-03 00:00:00

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Scam Description

The website for vinrecords.com is deceptive. It shows an option for a single vehicle vin report check for $1.00 and the separately, options for a monthly subscription charge for approximately 25 vehicle searches per month for a year or 3 month subscription fee of $23.95 per month. I had paid for a $1.00 single vehicle VIN search and later realized my credit card was being charged for additional charges. I was charged $23.95 on my card in January which transacted prior to a $1.00 charge. I was then charged another $23.95 in February. When I contacted the customer support line listed as 1-855-549-1882, the agent stated that the $1.00 charge was a “deposit” for the monthly subscription. I do not recall any clear and obvious information that indicated that by requesting a single vehicle vin search for a $1.00, you would automatically be signed up for a monthly subscription. I also did not get any form of email indicating I had signed up for a monthly subscription. I am concerned this site is fraudulent and potentially phishing personal emails and credit card information from consumers. The agent allegedly processed a subscription cancellation and provided a confirmation number as well as a refund of the last monthly charge of $23.95 with a confirmation number. I received email from “andy@carhistory.online” which appears to be linked to onlinedatareports.com and the email body showed the name “Jason Thompson” as the customer support agent in the email associated with carhistory.online. All of these various alleged business names and the fact that the vinrecordscheck.com website lists the source company as CAAS Holdings Group LLC seem to indicate a very suspect operation.

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