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Online Purchase Scam

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2023-01-25 00:00:00

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Simone Walker – $Uuniquebeautyy2
I booked with this “stylist” in attempts to get a silk press for today. After multiple issues with her booking website, including my appointment being canceled twice, and having to be refunded twice, I STILL booked with her and sent my full payment through cash app for my hair. Prior to being serviced. That was my mistake.
After attempting to confirm my appointment in the morning, hours beforehand, she didn’t respond until I was on the way, providing with the address “2601 Risedale Ave Lansing MI, 48911” and saying it being apparently the salon she’s in was across from the boys and girls club. After arriving to the address SHE PROVIDED ON TIME she directed me to go to “the building next to Vons” and after arriving to the only salon near vons, and waiting for over 10 minutes past my 10:30 appointment time she was nowhere to be found. She stated my 15 minute late grace period ended at 10:42…when my appointment was at 10:30. She was not responding when I was attempting to contact her about a correct location, after SHE PROVIDED the WRONG location and proceeded to direct me without sending an actual location.
Simone Walker is extremely unprofessional and for a lack of better words, a scammer. This was a premeditated situation that I am now having to pay for, because she will not give me a refund and stopped responding to me after HER miscommunication and carelessness. She gave me the wrong address and directions on purpose, with the intentions of keeping my money without servicing me.
Here’s a public Facebook post I made exposing her. With more photos.

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