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Online Purchase Scam

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2022-12-31 00:00:00

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I contacted via email and was never able to speak to anyone. Tried Zelle,Venmo, and finally my daughter was able to pay with PayPal but thru friends and family. The person sent me five different names to try to send it. It finally went thru to a name in California. 645.00 They sent video of the kitten and pictures and said the travel docs was all I needed that they supplied. So then I get an email from Compass Transport Logistics the delivery company who was suppose to deliver for the extra 45.00 to my doorstep this kitten. I paid 1,095.00 for a heated crate because of winter storm Elliott. Then 2,060.00 for insurance and extra feedings, then 1,200.00 for a permit. 4,255.00. I am a fool I know but had never purchased thru the internet. I paid in gift cards so I will never see the money. This Wester Kalmar used this phone number 220-270-3424 with Compass transport. He was good! He told me the kitten would starve and that they would charge me with abandonment in PA. He said I was being chgd extra cause the kitten needed more personal attention. The so-called breeder and delivery people were the same bunch no doubt. My husband even signed a contract because they said the 4,300.00 was all refundable upon delivery.