Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2022-12-31 00:00:00

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Scam Description

I ordered the fairy light spirit tree from Twinkle Tree which was advertised on sale for $39.99 and was originally priced at $79.99. From the pictures and the price I assumed it would be a very good quality lamp made from metal. When I received it three weeks after ordering it, I was disappointed when the box came all dented and damaged, I was further shocked when upon opening it I found it was a cheap plastic lamp wrapped in silver tape that looks like aluminum foil, with a cheap and ugly white plastic base. It looks like a kid’s school art project. I also later saw online another company selling the same lamp for $6 which is what it appears to be worth. I went to the twinkle tree website and wrote a negative review which was not published, there are only five star reviews on the website. I emailed them a complaint which involved filling out many question boxes that did not relate to the issue. I have not gotten a response. It also says on their website that in order to get your money back you have to return the item and pay to have it shipped all the way back to Australia, which I am not willing to do. This company needs to be stopped. They are selling cheap plastic/foil tree lamps for $40-$80.