Online Purchase

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Online Purchase Scam

Date Reported

2022-11-21 00:00:00

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I live alone and I saw that she was selling puppies and I wanted one. She was contacted via email and then wanted to chat via text messages. So I did chat. The puppy was $900 and $200 delivery fee, paid through Zelle to Brandandavies92@gmail.com. I suggested that my daughter meet her 1/2 way and cut the delivery fee in half. this was agreed. Next she said that it would cost $250 to have the puppy Microchipped and AKC registered. I paid that through paypal to lindapirie124@gmail.com. Next she asked if I wanted to have a blanket with the puppy’s name and I said yes, that was another $75.00 paid to Jamar Gilmore at 5045053855. Finally, the day before the puppy is to be delivered, I get a request for $150 tax and Insurance fee because it was because she was delivering a live animal and not the actual owner but a nanny, that the said that it was required and this would be refunded to me once the puppy was delivered. $150.00 paid to Stacey Shoemaker – $sshhoemaker45. The puppy was to be delivered today at 12PM and they were making excuses and stopped communication. Donna is the Ring leader and I should have caught on when she had me send money to all of these different people. I guess one is born every second. I work too hard and the puppy was to be an emotional support animal. This has caused me more depression and upset my daughter because she feels responsible. I should have asked for references, but I was so anxious to get the puppy to have something to look forward to everyday. I am bummed. They should be STOPPED and I want my hard earned money back!

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