Moving Scam May 14, 2022

Scam Type

Moving Scam

Business Name Used

Alan Minchew

Date Reported

May 14, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was looking for a place to move since my lease is coming to an end. I found the listing on Craigslist and reached out to the contact person. He asked me for my email address to provide more info. He told me text only with questions. He gave me permission to visit the property only by looking through the window to see if I was still interested. Since I have to be moved out within a weeks time, I expressed interest in moving forward. He sent the rental application through email which needed to be returned promptly. I filled out the app and screenshot the info along with paystubs from both jobs to the contact number listed for approval. He contacted me the next day through text saying he was reviewing the applications and would be in touch. After a few hours passed and I hadn’t heard anything about my application, I texted to see the status of my application. He immediately replied by sending the lease agreement contract through email and asking me to sign the last page and send $1400 within 24 hours to secure the place. He also mentioned to screenshot the payments through PayPal and CashApp as payment confirmation. After sending the money, I asked about when I would receive the keys. He responded by saying I would have more information soon. I reached out about the keys a few hours later and he sent an email containing info about the location of the keys. He also informed me his attorney said I must pay an additional $700 to receive the keys. This was not stated in the original rental agreement. I stated to him that I paid the $1400 amount agreed to in writing, not an additional $700 for last month’s rent. He insisted his attorney make me pay the amount to seal the rent agreement. I stated my financial hardship and tried to negotiate but to no avail. I then asked for a refund and at that time all communication stopped.