Moving Scam Aug 01, 2022

Scam Type

Moving Scam

Business Name Used

Navistar Van Lines

Date Reported

Aug 01, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

We scheduled our move on 18th July for 29th or 30th Jul. To finalize the plan we deposited 700+$ as advance. We were told that you will gat a confirmation call 48hrs prior to confirm if move will be on 29th or 30th. We didn’t receive any call till 27th, on 29th evening I called to confirm again then they said your window of move is on 30th between 12-5 and driver will give you a call 30 mins prior to reaching. We were called by the driver today around 2:45 pm CST to say that they are late will reach after 2.5 hrs since they are at Nashville (approx 200 miles from my place) At 5 pm we get another call from the driver that they will not come today but tomorrow at 10 AM (07/31) – I had already given notice to the apartment about vacating today We were told that we will get a confirmation call for time and date (out of 29th and 30th) 48 hrs in advance – We received no calls at all Despite calling you and Customer care, we did not get any call from the driver except today (07/30) – which was about being late and then about coming tomorrow (7/31) as we expected, no one came to pickup on 31st as well – and again after being repeatedly told that they will come today Since the driver did not call or come at 10 AM as promised, we called customer care and then the driver called us to say he will be here in 6 hours. After 6 hours, he said he will take another 2 hours. Finally he did not come nor called. We were given a date of 29th/30th July and no one came until today 31st July. We are being provided with time/information so many times during these days that were all false. Till that time we realized its a scam to collect the deposit money. Then harass the customer to the point that they cancel the move. It now seemed all planned as eventually truck in a very bad shape came on 1st and we decided to not use them for move. We waisted money, time, energy, off from office and totally mentally harassed. Main thing is we are not the only one, so many people had this exact same experience with this company. I learned so many things with this experience 1- do not trust google review 2- fraud can happen to anyone so if organizations are suggesting to protect yourself then do that. This company had 100+ complaints in National Consumer Complaint Database then why they are not being stopped. Please protect the community.