Investment Scam Apr 12, 2022

Scam Type

Investment Scam

Business Name Used

Fvo Corp Limited

Date Reported

Apr 12, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

A scamming company called FVO NY LLC is a subsidiary company of FVO Corp Limited, London which director name of Mr. ESHAAN KUDESIA. He has Intake Officer name of Mr. DAVID SAGOR to facilitate this Small Private Placement Program. He coordinated behalf of FVO NY LLC with the Program Flyers, drafted contracts, breakdowns of schedules payouts and consulting. There was another person who is involved which is Mr. ALAN HAARSBURGER who is a advisor and agent for ESHAAN KUDESIA. I have all the records of evidence, conversations and pictures from the day one. When I was referred by a credible agent, he mentioned that he has gotten paid and he introduced me to Mr. DAVID Z SAGOR. Mr. DAVID Z SAGOR disclosed all the information about the program and he sounded very promising. So, I decided to invest $20,000 after few days. After he prepared breakdown schedules of funding figures and signing the contract, he asked to wire the funds to FVO NY LLC account at Chase Bank. Yes, I saw Mr. ESHAAN KUDESIA’ S information along with his Passport on the contract. Then I wired agreed amount to Chase Bank and waited for first due date schedule as provided by Mr. DAVID Z SAGOR. During waiting period, I’ve received an email from Mr. ESHAAN KUDESIA saying how he is in surgery and pray for his recovery. He sent a photo of his hospital meal on his tray without his picture in it. So, I wished him for fast recovery and his health. (This email had CC to me, ALAN HAARSBURGER AND DAVID Z SAGOR) THEN, all hell broke loose! The first pay out day came few days after and he asked for 2 weeks of extension for his another surgery… then another week to have a meeting with his monitizer to fund his SBLC. Mentioned promised time has past several weeks, Mr. ESHAAN KUDESIA still came up with another excuses saying his first monitizer through Lloyds’s Bank didint work out so, he signed a contract with another monitizer which it will fund soon so, he requested another 2 weeks again and again then these excuses went more delays and now it became 7 months. He defaulted the contract and he has No interest or intentions of paying back my refund Company: FVO NY LLC (#5919277) (646)656-1651 178 Columbus Ave SmB #237190 New York, NY 10023 Office Suite: 80 Broad St. NY, NY 10004 Mailing Add: 11 Broadway Ste. 615 NY, NY 10004 Also, 3 Greenway Plaza #1320 Houston, TX 77046 VANDANA KUDESIA/Consultant FVO Corp Limited, London(#12409715) Add: 7 Bell Yard London, WC2A 2JR England 159 Drummond St. London, NW1 2PB England Unfortunately, I was deceived by above mentioned samming bandits and I’ve discovered 2 other cases who went through same scamming program and willing to cooperate with me. Please stay away from these mentioned names and company and don’t be fooled by scamming bandits.