Home Improvement Scam Jul 14, 2022

Scam Type

Home Improvement Scam

Business Name Used

Lopez Maintenance

Date Reported

Jul 14, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

BUYER BEWARE of Lopez Maintenance. (Leonel Lopez Vasquez – on his driver’s license). I got scammed by this small time contractor who happens to be a FRAUD. He does concrete work, landscaping, remodeling, etc.. He did not have a state contractor’s license, instead the license number on his card was a city business license which had expired. Lesson learned… He is a smooth talker, he even got me to believe that my neighbor a few doors down had hired him for a big job to start when they got back from vacation. He knew details of their vacation, so I bought it, figured they had checked him out. They get back from vacation, and I find out they never hired him. I hired him to replace my concrete driveway. He lowered the price if I started the job right away. I missed that red flag as well. The job was okay. I paid him 40% upfront, and planned to pay the rest after the job was complete, but he kept pleading for more after the concrete was poured, so I paid him the rest minus $500 to be paid after the clean up. I thought that $500 would be enough until I learned that he did not pay the concrete company, so I am responsible, and am now out an extra $1000. It’s been 2 weeks, and he still hasn’t cleaned up or fixed the sprinkler line he broke. All I get is the run-around. So I decided to post a review on Yelp and Google, and found other reviews that were not there when I checked out the reviews a few weeks prior. He had been busy scamming others as well, all within the past month while he was scamming me. I’m hoping to reach as many people as I can before more get scammed.