Home Improvement Scam Aug 13, 2022

Scam Type

Home Improvement Scam

Business Name Used

Alex Obolenskyy Dba Viking Unlimited

Date Reported

Aug 13, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Male solicited as roofing contractor working in my neighborhood and saw that shingles were missing from my roof. I knew this to be true as I was informed of this by others. We discussed procedure and he seemed very knowledgeable in his craft. I am normally quite the skeptic but decided to hear him out. He reviewed my homeowners insurance policy and advised that Allstate would cover the cost minus my $1,000 deductible. I was very skeptical and asked “what if they don’t “ and Alex promised he would procur a new roof for me even if he and his crew had to just chip in to get it done”. Everything seemed to be on the up and up until he got the check from Allstate in his hands. Long story short the whole roofing process had been delayed due to lack of communication among the parties. I got suspicious when I called his cell phone number and it was disconnected! I looked on the BBB website and discovered his company was no longer in business! This was after he got the Allstate check! I found another contact number for him and when he answered we communicated as to what will happen now? I asked him why he hadn’t called me back after several text messages and phone calls to inform me as to why he hadn’t called me back after I conveyed I needed to know how to proceed. He said he had been busy but he would call me that night. No call was received and several days went by and still no call! Well he got his $5700.00 from Allstate to “buy materials” plus a $250.00 deposit on my portion of the deductible and the man and company has vanished into thin air. He did say at one point that he was going into the home improvement avenue because roofing was slow. I want people who are thinking of hiring him to know what kind of a man he is that would abscond with a handicapped senior citizen’s money who has gone through hell with residual effects from a serious bout from Covid. Good job Alex, you’re one hell of a great contractor. I wonder what your wife and children think of your sly little antics. Thanks! Oh, by the way this is only step one of MY plan of action. I will be writing a letter to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio to let him know how you scam senior citizens on a fixed income.