Scam Type

Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare Scam

Date Reported

2023-04-07 00:00:00

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was in the hospital on diabetic related issues of a life and death situation the hospital contacted a woman in Charlotte that said she ran a group home her name is Carol Jameson have new beginning missions in Charlotte she assured them that she would provide my medical needs with your life saving medications she agreed to shop for me but since I am unable to walk in them on disability they released me to this place and then come to find out it is not that at all this is not a group home it is a flop house she secured over $1,900 from the hospital and $800 of my government deposit funds she then said she was going to the store and I gave her my food stamp card to get my diabetic required food which keeps me alive she didn’t do that and I told her the money was spent she said she didn’t spend it again they said they can get the video from Walmart so we spend it and then she admitted to spending it and then she said she wants me out of here and is refusing to give me a 30-day notice as required by law she then called me and said she used my food stamp money to pay a deposit on another place to go to which is not guaranteed safe and secure of receiving no application to fill out need you for my safety and in general she is the renter of about 14 houses where she lives she has 30 or 40 EBT cards is 30-40 debit card she has 30 or 40 insurance cards like Humana and United United Way that he uses all these people and she refuses to deliver food she told me personally when I gave her a list of food needed by the people here she said yeah I have to have my diabetic food social services in Charlotte I’ve been in contact with lawyers I’ve been in contact with the police several times he has threatened my life by refusing to get my lifesaver medication one of her tenants threatening her life I called the police she said she was going to solve it and she didn’t care for further risk in my life

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