Government Grant Scam May 09, 2022

Scam Type

Government Grant Scam

Business Name Used

American Rescue Plan In Charge Of Americares Pandemic Relief Program

Date Reported

May 09, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

one of my friends told me to contact Attorney Daniel ********** through Facebook messenger, so I did, and he got back with me stating that he is Attorney Daniel ********** and he is with American Rescue Plan in charge of Americares Pandemic Relief Program didn’t explain much at all, he said I had to give him my name, etc.. I I did he said he will check to see if I qualify for the program and how much, so he did that, and said I was approved for $41,000, and that I needed to send 500.00 by gift card, and said that it was for insurance documents, I said okay, I go get gift card send him information off of it, send it to him etc.. so he gets back with me, I asked if anymore fees or monthly fees or taxes were involved he went all around that never answered, and he answered the questioned about the monthly fees he said no, so then later on to tell me that he was going to check on delivery etc.. so he comes back to say that the delivery will now be $900.00, and he said their was also and IRS certificate that cost $1600.00 so I said wait a minute I asked if any other fees you said no etc.. and I told him it was his fault that he didn’t tell us he admitted and said he will take that into fault etc…. I told him we lost trust in him etc.. he said don’t lose trust, trust me etc.. Oh after I pay those fees that I will get the money in cash 3 to 5 business days by Fed Ex and the delivery of the money was $900.00 and that the insurance documents would come as well with the package. so we went back and forth for days on messenger through Facebook, and he told me he don’t like to talk much Make your delivery payment and I will send the tracking number to you and I don’t have enough time for unnecessary talks because I attend to a lot of people – then tells me he doesn’t have time to talk the silly stuff with me etc.. I said it’s not silly stuff I have a right to know about the company and I deserve to have proof and evidence of what I paid for etc. . I brought it up to his attention that I thought he was a scammer and of course he kept saying he is not a scammer he was legit and for me to trust him etc.. I even asked for him to send me the insurance documents as proof through pictures he said no he couldn’t do that cause I was threating him which I never ever did, I was polite and I was asking him to send me proof and evidence of what I paid for he said I paid 500.00 for insurance documents and that’s what I wanted but he told me he couldn’t then I asked again oh his story changed to I had to send it to the right department in case I wanted to pay the rest of the fees etc.. then I asked about the company more he says He Helps All Americans out etc.. and then he also tells me I need to also pay 10 percent of the $41,000 which is $4,000.00 as for tax to the state office . Right there it hit me and said I think I was scammed etc… he kept asking when I would send the rest of the money I told him I didn’t trust him cause I said you are a scammer he said no I would never do that etc.. so this whole time I am going back and forth with my friend cause the friend said he did same thing he paid the fees and got his money through FedEx and it was cash money and told me to trust him and to trust Daniel and he is not a scammer etc.. and this whole time I thought it was my real friend – well that’s when I wrote BBB and I called BBB and I was told that it was a scam, and that the friend that was writing me is probably not the real friend you think it is, it’s someone that duplicated your friends page, and sure enough that is exactly what happened the one I thought was my real friend, I asked for proof to send me the documents he got and money etc.. next thing you know he blocked me from messenger I can’t send him messages anymore so I deleted him, so they was using one of my friends to contact me and tricked me into contacting Mr. Daniel if I knew it was that I wouldn’t have never fell for any of this mess cause I could of used the $500.00 for something else – it’s really sad to know I got scammed by Daniel like that!!! He only contacts through Facebook messenger in private only!! He does have a Facebook Page – Name is Daniel *********l ***** LAW FIRM I do have proof of the back and forth messages between him and I and I did report it also to Facebook !! And I also have proof of the gift card/ receipt of the gift card as well, I checked the balance within 20 minutes of giving it to him- balance was 0 , and I got nothing out of the deal at all nothing…. He got $500.00 while I got nothing for it!!! NO insurance documents that supposedly I paid for!!! and I did not pay any other fees to him I let him know he was a scammer and I blocked him from messenger but I do have proof of us going back and forth!!! ** I do not won’t anyone else to fall for his scam it’s really sad and horrible that he is doing this!! you can check his Facebook page out!! He needs to be stopped in action!!!!