Fake Check/Money Order Scam Apr 26, 2022

Scam Type

Fake Check/Money Order Scam

Business Name Used

Dpr Mcham

Date Reported

Apr 26, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Congratulations, Your application has been approved and you are qualified for the personal assistant position. I hope to have your 100% loyalty and co-operation. Your quick response to e-mails/text and effectiveness will be required and you will be receiving your first assignment by next week. I would have love to call you to explain much better to you on the phone, but I’m hard of hearing and I will prefer if you can text me or email me back if you have any questions. Your first assignment would be purchasing commodity stuffs at CVS, Walmart, Post office or any stores around you and mailing them out through FedEx and few errands. I do that every month. I will make payment arrangement for you. I will get my accountant to send payment across to you. You would be receiving the Payment via USPS by next week. The payment will be in form of a certified check which will be posted to you. I hope you have an active bank account for the check deposit? Once you receive the Funds, you will take your First Salary of $650 from it, after which you’ll use the rest in carrying out your assignment. Detailed instructions on your first assignment will be sent to you via email and text. From this point, your maximum attention will be required, I will urge you to tighten up your relationship with your email and text. Make sure you check your email daily. I will need you to acknowledge the receipt of this email so that we can move to the next step of Mailing your payment. Note: This new job position is flexible and it would not affect your current job, if you are employed, it’s only 2 to 3 hours in a week and at your free time. Kindly re-confirm the name you want to be on the check, your address, cell no and your apartment number if applicable below and double-check to be sure that there is no mistake, to avoid any loss or misplacement of packages. I believe and hope you will be Sincere, honest, trustworthy and render good services to me. How are you doing today? I am pleased to inform you that you will receive your payment on Monday or Tuesday. The payment package was sent to the address you provided via USPS, You can monitor the delivery time at www.usps.com, \ . You can start tracking it as from tomorrow morning. Let me know as soon as you receive the check, you are to deposit it into your bank account, then take a picture of the check deposit receipt/slip as confirmation and proof of deposit. The amount on the check is $4860.75. Out of which you will deduct your weekly pay of $650.00, and the remaining funds will be used for my errands which i will give you the details as soon as you receive the funds. I hope my instructions are clear? Always go around with your nose mask, hand gloves, hand sanitizer and keep social distance. Stay safe and blessed Sent me a fake check from DPR Mcham for $4860.75. Was rushing me to send the cards front and back of vanilla gift cards. I was scammed out my money thinking I was doing an actual Job I am glad I found this website.

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