Fake Check/Money Order

Scam Type

Fake Check/Money Order Scam

Business Name Used

Manuel Franco

Date Reported

Aug 24, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I was selling an item on Facebook marketplace. I get a message from Allen James saying his dad is interested in buying and asks me text him at (949)405-4019. I text the number the guy agrees to pay my asking price plus shipping. The cashier’s check is mailed to me in 3-4 days, while the guy is always cordial. I receive two checks for the same amount in two evelopes with the same traking number. Guy apologizes for sending two and asks me to deposit the check them when funds become available keep my asking price amount and the rest send via Zelle. since it was over the dailt limit I sent it via Paypal to this email address jamie54fleigh@gmail.com. The guy said that a mover would be by in a few days to grab the item. The guy also asks me if I have anymore items Im selling bc he re-sells the items in Asia. A couple days go by guy send a message saying his mover was in a serious car accident and needs $700, to that I did not reply. I would hablve not checked my account were it not for a Daniel calling from (888)231-0757. So I checked my account and I had a notice that is was being closed in a week. To my shock I called my bank and they said I was responsible for all checks I deposit in my account and I will be debited the total amount of the check- it was $3,640. omg!! I immediately file a complaint with Paypal then headed here to file another with the BBB. I hope my case can be resolved and that others are not victims of this fraud.