Employment September 07, 2023

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Employment Scam

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Employment scam

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September 07, 2023

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I was hired via Career Builder by EZ Ship and it is located (supposedly) in Hialeah, FL. Google Maps shows a dilapidated old strip center, if you can call it that, which has a hispanic church and what looks like vacant spaces. No sign of EZ anything. I was told I would be a “shipping agent” like others on the BBB scam alert website and would be re-routing packages. I found the FBI scam complaint website after I read an article on Microsoft’s website about employment scams. This website is listed. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365-life-hacks/privacy-and-safety/online-job-scams. I was told by Paul Weisman I would be on probation for one month and that I could expect 25 to 50 packages and would be paid $25 per package. I sent two packages and received a Zelle payment for $50.00 from “Aliaksandr Zaitsau” – confirmed with my bank. Perhaps they can provide information as to the location of the sender or financial institution used? I found two Aliaksandr Zaitsaus on linkedin, both software developers, both in Belarus, on an extensive google search .
I was asked to upload copies of my DL, Permanent Resident Card, W-2 and I-9, so they have everything they need to take control of whatever they want. I own my car and my home outright. The man I spoke to in “HR” goes by Paul Weisman. My so-called Supervisor is “Maria Novak.” Never heard from this person other than text, email and the portal setup to upload photos of packages and shipping labels and download and print new shipping labels (there is a messaging app built into the web portal – top right side). I have provided the emails with links, including my user name and password to login to the portal. One of the points made by Microsoft is that these people steal the goods and then pay others to ship them. This guy went to great lengths to set everything up to look legitimate. I suspect that not only do they steal goods, repackage them and then resend, they steal identities as well and either use them or sell them. Now I’m on the hook – they have everything. My guess is this Aliaksandr guy is masquerading as Paul Weisman and, as I said, he has gone to great lengths to make himself and this company look legitimate.
HR Department
Mon, Aug 7, 10:07?AM
to me
Hello David,
Thank you for your interest. We will get in touch with you shortly.
Paul Weissman,
HR department,
EZ Ship, LLC.
HR department
Mon, Aug 7, 3:57?PM
to me
Shipping Agent position
Dear David Stebbing,
Thank you for your interest in the vacancy. We have received your application on Careerbuilder. Below you will find more information about the company, the job offer, the work we do, and your potential future with the company.
EZ Ship is a third-party cloud-based logistics service. We have a unique approach that provides e-commerce business solutions to our clients, who gain access to American consumer market and the wide variety of U.S. retailers and suppliers. It can be a complicated process to start logistics operations in the U.S., but our service makes the procurement and distribution of goods to anywhere in the country as simple and easy as possible. Here are the types of clients we service:
? International businesses that buy from American suppliers for worldwide distribution but require consolidation to reduce costs and meet foreign import standards.
? Companies that sell products on Amazon and need to meet Amazon’s standards for their product packaging and then require inspection and processing of their returns.
? Firms that wish to be closer to their customers and partners by having a location in the United States.
? Both individuals and companies looking to make purchases from sellers who don’t ship products overseas. We make arrangements to purchase products, receive those products, and ship them as efficiently as possible so our clients can save money. We also help consolidate all shipments in the most cost-effective way.
Currently, our company is working to expand our network of shipping agents throughout the U.S. Most of the time, our agents are able to serve our clients from their home office. With our decentralized approach to logistics, we operate in a more cost-efficient way without the need for large warehouses. You should know that our company does its due diligence to ensure that any package our shipping agents sign for is paid for, legal, and safe. We verify every customer that we work with to ensure their integrity.
How Does The Process Work?
1. Our verified clients are provided with a U.S. address to accept domestic shipments sent by American suppliers and retailers. This address corresponds to one of our U.S. shipping agents.
2. Our shipping agents monitor their online account for new shipments. Agents will accept all orders which are usually sent to them by UPS, USPS, or FedEx.
4. An agent will upload a photo of the product in its packaging for every package received. The agent will handle any special instructions, such as inspection for damaged packaging, repackaging, or mail consolidation. The agent will maintain a professional approach with every package in his or her possession and will keep all products in brand new condition.
5. On the same business day that the package is received, the agent will download, print, and apply prepaid shipping labels and mail packages via UPS, USPS, or FedEx to their final destination.
? You should be available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to receive deliveries. A few times every month, agents may be required to pick up deliveries from a post office or store within a 10-mile radius.
? Use the employee dashboard to check in with your supervisor every day.
? Receive up to five deliveries per day.
? Maintain standards for safety, privacy, and quality.
? Be detail-oriented in preparing the goods for shipment, assessing the condition of the package and uploading photos.
? Consolidate packages in a professional manner to ensure packages remain in brand-new condition.
? Ship packages on the same business day they are received provided you have all the necessary information.
? You must have an U.S. address available for this job. It can be your home or business address.
? Education or past experience in logistics isn’t a pre-requisite; we offer on-the-job training.
? You must be capable of lifting and carrying packages as heavy as 40 pounds.
? You must have available transportation that can accommodate multiple packages at the same time.
? You must have a reliable Internet connection and access to both a computer and printer.
? You must be able to pass a background check. We are serious about maintaining the privacy of our clients and their property.
Shipping agents receive $3,500 per month and are also reimbursed for work expenses, including Internet service, shipping materials, and gas upon submission of an expense report. W-2 tax form will be provided to the employee. This offer may be a subject to a one-month probationary period. This allows us to judge whether you are capable of performing your work duties remotely. The probationary period will include on-the-job training. You will have a supervisor to evaluate your job performance.
How to Apply
Shipping agents enjoy a lucrative career that allows them to work remotely. If you’d like to pursue a career as a shipping agent, you can begin the process today by completing the online application at the link below:
If you are a good candidate, we will contact you within one week of you completing your application. Feel free to call us at 786-574-3063 or email us with any follow-up questions.
Paul Weissman,
HR department,
EZ Ship, LLC.
Address: 2678 West 84th St, Hialeah, FL 33131, United States
Phone: (833) 247-5293
© EZ Ship, LLC
Fri, Aug 11, 4:22?PM
to me
Dear David Stebbing,
We have completed the initial pre-screening and we are ready to give you a chance to start a career of a Shipping Agent. This offer comes with a one-month probationary period which will include on-the-job training. This will allow us to judge whether you are capable of performing your work duties remotely. You will have a supervisor to evaluate your job performance. After the one-month probationary period, you will receive a written notice regarding the outcome of your training. During this period, you will be paid $25 for every package you process and dispatch using prepaid shipping labels. These payments are typically made twice per month but can become more frequent if you request. If you can demonstrate high job performance and proper motivation over the next month, you will become a senior shipping agent with a salary of $3,500 per month.
The next step is to process your hiring documents. Please login with the information below and you will find your employment agreement. Please sign and submit it in order to get started.
You can access your account through the following link: https://www.fulfillmentpanel.com
Login: dstebbing48
Password: 2963
Please read the full list of duties and responsibilities in the employment agreement. After your documents are processed, your supervisor will be in contact with you to explain your daily tasks and responsibilities in more detail.
We hope you are excited about this opportunity. If you need more information, feel free to call 786-574-3063 or email us.

HR Department,
Paul Weissman,
EZ Ship.

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