Employment Scam May 31, 2022

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Date Reported

May 31, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

On May 10th-12th, I was contacted by an “recruiter” (Greogory Wilkinson) (GREGORYWILKINSON@outlook.com) saying they were hiring for a remote graphic designer for a company named PrivCo. I did a screen interview with kevin Feuer (kevinfeuer80@gmail.com) later “hired” and was emailed by Human resources (Dan Gingert) (info@privcollc.org) to sign an offer letter stating I would be provided with equipment for the work which I did sign. Then on May 12th I was contacted by Christopher Wade on text (903) 483-4345 and email(Christopher@privcollc.org) stating he was the account assistant from their accounting department and was to give me the equipment funds all they needed was the my name and the name of my bank. They then emailed me checks of high amounts of money that went through mobile deposit ($2000 on the 16th, $3,850 on the 17th, $4,550 on the 18th). Christopher Wade also instructed me to send this money through Zelle to “vendors” Sharon Talton(Sharontlton5@gmail.com), Lori Chambers(mendozalouda@gmail.com), and Michael van bladel(Bladel74@gmail.com), and Timothy Phillips (BANK of AMERICA, Routine #:05300196, Acct#:237047499065) (*note Christopher Wade provided that info not me*) and provide confirmation #’s to him as well as withdraw and send $2000 in bitcoin to a barcode Wade provided which is (3D2iZxLPbAZWCwebbiQCsyFQD11js46t2E) on the of the bitcoin I saw another $2000 was withdrawn from my account without my consent which turned out the $2000 check bounced. I talked to my bank of what has been going on and they came to the conclusion this was a scam. I had asked my bank to not let the 4550$ be withdrawn or deposited anywhere. I confronted Christopher Wade of this stating it was “policy” which I then emailed Dan Gingert of the suspicious activities and asking for a refund of the money that was withdrawn from my account, but was ignored. then on May 20th all checks ($2000, 3850, 4550) bounced and left me with a huge debt of over -$2,500. I tried confronting all the emails listed above which have been ignored or the account doesn’t “exist” and made a police report on the 20th. The checks are from First Guaranty Bank and have the name Francis Rendine, 30100 Jacob street Albany LA 70711.