Employment Scam May 03, 2022

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Cancure Pharmaceuticals

Date Reported

May 03, 2022

Victim Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

I am currently unemployed (for about 5 months now) and receiving texts, emails and phone calls has been a normal part of the last four months or so of my unemployment. Receiving a text from Cancure Pharamceuticals from Jocelyn Richard asking if I was interested in interviewing with them seemed really ordinary to me. So, from texting we went to Skype chat (no video) and from there I was lead to an email, for a supposed accountant (Erica), who would be sending me a check via UPS. This check was supposed to be for training software- as of today, it has still not processed, my bank suspects fraud. (May 3, 2022). Originally, I was asked if I could purchase the needed software for the Apple computer they were going to send me. I did ask “shouldn’t these items be on the computer already?” Due to some kind of change or other, this was not what they do. I was given a list of needed software and equipment that were necessary for this remote job. They offered to send me a check for $3,847.00 to cover costs of expenses. I was to deposit their check and when it was approved, purchase the items. Somehow, in our discussion; after I checked my bank balance (I sent them a receipt of that deposit), they asked me to use the money I had in my account to purchase the list. At this point, I did because I trusted that the check was legit. This was my mistake. I sent them $600.00 in Apple gift cards. ( I really do know better)! 🙂 It’s been two days and still, the check has not cleared. My bank has a suspension on my debit card and my online account (for my protection) to see if this check clears. So, the last chat I had on Skype with “Jocelyn” I was asked to send more money and then, I would receive my reimbursement. I told them I knew they scammers and I “don’t think so.” This is all that has transpired up until today. I am in dialogue with my bank (US Bank) and will keep in touch with them to resolve this so others are warned about this deception. I don’t know if I can recover the $600 I lost but, I am trusting God to provide for me in these next few days and weeks

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