Employment Scam Apr 30, 2022

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Dr. Stephen Adams

Date Reported

Apr 30, 2022

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Total Dollars Lost


Scam Description

Concerning the Personal Assistant Job that you have applied for… I am glad to congratulate you as your position has been confirmed ..This position will be a home-based and flexible part time job for some months until after the COVID-19 pandemic season, so you will be working online from home or your present location doing all your Administrative/Personal assistance activities… There will be no interview for this position pending when we overcome the realities of the ongoing COVID-19 Virus because am presently here in North Carolina Duties and Responsibilities: * Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. * Collection of my commissions. * Booking appointments with my Clients * Handling and Monitoring some of my Financial activities * Process Payable and Purchase orders for submission * Receiving my Monthly Memo from my associates BENEFITS: • AD & D Insurance • 401(k)..(After 3 months with us, plus an increase in your weekly paycheck) • Free medicals..(After 1 month with us, Mo plus an increase in your weekly paycheck) This will probably take like 2 hrs a day (or less depending..) which can either be in the morning time or evening. You will always get your paycheck of $350 weekly Its less stress and this does not disturb your other schedule(School/work) First Task: I do make donations to 3 orphanage homes every month and in your capacity, you will purchase some toys and other gift items for the orphanage homes. I will email you the list of all items to be purchased at the store and all the necessary information on how to get it mailed out to the orphanage homes I will provide the funds which you will use to purchase these items. The fund will be informed of a (Cashier Check) and it will be issued to you along with your paid weekly allowance($350). Soon as you have received the check payment, you will deduct your paid weekly allowance($350) payment from it and y cking account where you will deposit your check?(Not Your Bank Details, Just Name Of The Bank You Bank With.) * Reconfirm your present local address for mail delivery. * What is your Mobile # that receives text msg ? * Do you know how to initiate a mobile deposit ? *Confirm your name again has it will be issue on the check payment Kindly make sure you acknowledge this email as that will re-confirm your readiness and willingness to proceed. Make sure to constantly look at my email and will be on stand-by to receive future instructions. Regards, Dr Stephen Adams