Employment July 08, 2023

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used


Date Reported

July 08, 2023

Postal Code


Total Dollars Lost

$ 5000

Scam Description

I was told that I was hired for a customer service position with the company Allorion Therapeutics. I was first contacted by a person named Whitney who said they worked for HR and conducted my interview via chat. After the interview I was told that I was hired and would be contacted by a training supervisor who is going to help me get situated so that I can start employment. I was then in communication with a Larry Gaston through Skype. He introduced himself as my training supervisor, and the person that I would report to if there were any questions or problems. Larry told me that part of my job would be receiving equipment that the company would purchase and send to me. Whitney told me this as well. Larry told me that in order to get the equipment I am the one that has to purchase the equipment because after a year of working with the company, they allow the employees to keep the equipment that was sent to them so they wrote the checks for the equipment in my name. The equipment included an Apple laptop, iPhone, copier, printer, scanner, desk, laminating machine and other items that would be portable. Larry sent me the checks that I would deposit into my account and I would use those checks to make the purchase to the vendor. The first check I received is for the amount of $4950. When I made that deposit 400 of it was available and I was told to use that 400 to Zelle it to the vendor as the first payment. Once the rest of the money was available I was to told to keep 250 of it as a sign on bonus and Zelle 4000 of it to a Timothy Bogiatzis. Zelle nor Cashapp would work, so I was also advised to do a money order but that also didn’t work, so Larry suggested to do a wire transfer. I wired the money, and they said it was received. My bank ended up returning that money as an unpaid check and my account is now -$4544. The 400 from that first payment and $4950 checkwas returned to my account and was sitting in there until I was told what to do with it. That 400 went to the negative 4950 balance. I was sent a second check for $8250 because Larry said that the equipment was more expensive and they had to use a different vendor. Thankfully my bank placed a hold on this check like they did with the last one and similarly to the last check l, $400 was available and I was told that I could keep 250 of it. I also transferred over an additional 300 from that 4950 just in case if they needed me to wire any more money besides the 4000. I transferred 250 to my personal checking account and left the rest of the money in my savings where I deposited it. Since the bank held that check, I was not able to wire any of the money from that check and now my other savings account is -$250. I have currently filed a claim for the $4000 that was wired but my bank is not allowing me to file a claim for the rest of the money even though the checks have been identified as fraudulent. As of right now my bank is investigating the second check of 8250 and I won’t have an answer until the 14th but it is safe to say that that check is fraudulent as well. I kept constant contact with Larry up until yesterday. When I learned that my accounts were going to be closed and that they were negative he has not tried to reach out to me nor have I reached out to him. I unfortunately sent in what I thought were legitimate papers that you get when you first start a new job that have my personal information on it along with a copy of my drivers license. I was told that in order to proceed with getting the equipment and starting the job I needed to fill out the paperwork. That paperwork included a direct deposit form, tax forms, and forms for a background check. My checking account is currently compromised and I am working on closing it and opening a new one. I am also working on a way to not have to be responsible for these negative balance is since I have been scammed.

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