Employment December 17, 2023

Scam Type

Employment Scam

Business Name Used

Employment Solicitation – Resume Formatting Scam

Date Reported

December 17, 2023

Postal Code

H7N 3H8

Total Dollars Lost

$ 0

Scam Description

I was approached by email only about an open senior position initially by a woman (Emilie Johnson) and then relayed to a man (Michael Roberts) from a head hunter company (leading Headhunters Inc.). The man asked me to load my resume onto their platform which I did. Web site seemed Ok at first sight. He came back to me saying that he was going to talk to the customer in a few days and that meanwhile my resume was not in the right format so that their ATS system could not recognize it. I sent him a Word version. He confirmed my credentials were very good for the position and asked to run my resume through an on line analyzer/enhancer which I did. Result was that my resume was not optimal for ATS systems to recognize it. Michael said he was talking to the customer a few days later and proposed for a conference call after, to which I agreed but he did not confirm booking. The resume analyzer company got back to me by email and offered to improve my resume but I did not use them and used a free software to do so instead and reloaded my resume on the LeadingHeadhunters.com web site. When Michael got back to me by email, he explained that the position was finally removed as the customer that had the open position did not complete the acquisition in the making because of a conflict of interest, not related to me, that was discovered last minute. He said he was keeping my candidacy for future positions. It is only then that I started to investigate further and realized that they never gave me a phone number, that the company does not show a phone number on their website, that none of the Exec Team had a LinkedIn account, and that some areas of their website we incomplete. I guess the goal of the scam is either to gather info for Identity theft (fortunately I did not give anything sensitive like SSN, birthdate of full address) or maybe to get people to, spend money having their resume reviewed on the website they propose (https://www.highlevelresume.com/freereview). Not Sure. I will monitor my stuff closely for a few months.

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