Employment December 09, 2023

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Employment Scam

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December 09, 2023

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$ 0

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Dear ***** ******,
My name is April Peterson.
Thank you for applying to the Quality Control position at Verde Fulfillment USA.
We would like to acknowledge the receipt of your application, and our hiring team is currently reviewing it.
This position would require you to communicate with your supervisor on a daily basis, and it is very important for us that each and every associate has a good interpersonal rapport.
A friendly personality and good communication skills are very important for effective work.
In order to know you better and get a feeling of your personality, please answer the following questions:
Question 1
I easily deal with situations that require interaction with other people:
A) fully agree
B) disagree
C) partially agrees
Question 2
I’m more comfortable working:
A) morning
B) mid-day
C) evening
Question 3
At what time of the day your working capacity is the highest?
Question 4
Will you have an opportunity to visit a post office every day?
A) positive
B) negative
Question 5
Will you have an opportunity to pick up the packages at the post offices that are at a certain distance if the situation requires it?
A) positive
B) negative
Question 6
Is it possible to say that you are a responsible person and are trying to do everything well or even perfectly:
A) yes, it’s about me
B) partly about me
C) no, it’s not about me
Question 7
What actions will you take in a non-standard situation at work?
A) I will ask the manager for help
B) I will try to solve the problem myself
C) I will try to solve the problem myself, if it doesn`t work out, I will contact the manager for help
Question 8
Do you have a car?
A) positive
B) negative
If you decide that this position is a good fit for you please reply back to this email, including your answers to the above-listed questions. You will be notified what steps should be taken for further cooperation.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for your time.
CASE 5123739

April Peterson
HR Manager
Verde Fulfillment USA

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