Employment December 08, 2023

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Employment Scam

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Employment Scam

Date Reported

December 08, 2023

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$ 0

Scam Description

On December 3rd, I received a job opening for Pepvax as a Data imput specialist. It was going to be a remote position with benefits, 401k and they were going to pay $24 per hour. After submitting my resume, I received an email the following morning stating that I would need to download a messaging application called Signal to contact the hiring manager and schedule a time to conduct the interview. After contacting the manager, Catherine Larson, they conducted the interview via text. They informed me that I got the position and that they only need to know which bank I used to send me a check to buy materials that I would need to work the job effectively. They told me that when i received the check, I would have to order all products through their supplier. After the interview, I never received an email of employment and I was told that all my information about the job and beneifts would be sent to me after I deposited to check and order from their supplier. When the check came in, I was for $7558.55. That same day, Larson informed me that I needed to deposit it as soon as possible to start the process. This is when I took a step back and started researching if the company was a scam or not. I found that other individuals had gone through the same process and called it a scam as well. Lastly, I couldn’t find the company on BBB to validate the company.
I believe this is a scammer that is pretending to be PepVax.inc

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